Communication About Student Learning

Clyde Riggs Elementary is committed to frequent two-way communication with families about student learning.

  • Weekly Tuesday folders

  • Daily agendas

  • Weekly newsletters

  • Updates on school and class websites

  • Two parent-teacher conferences

  • Flyers home about upcoming events

  • Marquee

       2019-2020 School-Parent Compact

What is a School-Parent Compact?

A School-Parent Compact for Achievement is an agreement that parents, scholars and teachers develop together. It explains how parents and teachers will work together to make sure all our scholars reach or exceed grade-level standards.

The Clyde Riggs Elementary School-Parent Compact will:

  • Link to goals of the school improvement plan
  • Focus on scholars learning skills
  • Describe how teachers will help scholars develop those skills using high-quality instruction
  • Share strategies parents can use at home
  • Explain how teachers and parents will communicate about scholar progress
  • Describe opportunities for parents to volunteer, observe, and participate in the classroom

Jointly Developed

The families, scholars, and staff of Clyde Riggs Elementary developed this school-parent compact. Teachers suggested home learning strategies, families added ideas to make them more specific, and scholars told us what would help them learn.   Meetings and events are held each year to review the compact and make changes based on scholar and family needs.

Clyde Riggs Elementary families are welcome to contribute suggestions at any time.

Building Partnerships

  • Parent orientation meetings during the 2nd week of school
  • Little Panther breakfast for parents of kindergarten scholars
  • Fall Family Engagement Night
  • Spring Family Engagement Night
  • Little Panther program for incoming kindergarten scholars


Our Mission

It is the mission of Clyde Riggs Elementary to provide a challenging, educational environment in which all students develop learning skills in order to prepare for college and career readiness.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Clyde Riggs Elementary to establish a learning community which empowers all educators and students to reach their greatest potential.