Clyde Riggs Elementary School welcomes YOU!


We are so excited to welcome you to Clyde Riggs Elementary School. One of our main objectives for all of our students is to develop a love for learning which will prepare your child for a most successful future.

     It is our strong desire to develop a partnership with you in which we work together as a team in order for your child to achieve his or her maximum potential.  We feel our collaborative efforts will have a positive result in continual student academic achievement.

     Parental involvement is extremely important to us. There will be many opportunities for you to be involved this school year, and we strongly encourage you to take an active role in these activities. Please be sure to show a genuine interest in your child's school work and regularly praise efforts by your child to learn new skills and concepts. Your continued support and interest are necessary for a successful school experience for your child. Feel free to contact us when you have questions, concerns, or suggestions along the way.

Clyde Riggs Elementary
211 Fountain Head Road • Portland, Tennessee 37148-1632 • Phone: 615-325-2391 • Fax: 615-325-5315
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