Clyde Riggs Elementary

2021-2022 CRE Student Handbook

If you need a hard copy, please ask your classroom teacher and they will send one home.

CRE Motto 

Be the best you can be and be kind to each other. 


Clyde Riggs Elementary School welcomes YOU!  


Dear Parents,   


We are so excited to welcome you and your child to Clyde Riggs Elementary School. One of our main objectives for all students is to develop a love for learning which will prepare your child for a most successful future.    

We have an excellent faculty and staff at Clyde Riggs Elementary School. It is our strong desire to develop a partnership with you in which we work together as a team in order for your child to achieve his or her maximum potential.  We feel our collaborative efforts will have a positive result in continual student academic achievement.     

Parental involvement is important to us.   Thank you ahead of time for showing interest in your child’s schoolwork and regularly praising the effort your child puts forth as he or she works to learn new skills and concepts. Your continued support and interest are a necessary component for a successful school experience for your child.    

We look forward to this upcoming school year with great excitement! Our school handbook should help answer some of your questions concerning your child and Clyde Riggs Elementary School. We ask that you read this handbook and discuss the contents with your child. In addition, please sign the Signature Page and return it to school.    

We want to be sure to keep you informed of all our activities on a regular basis. We use the Remind App as a way to communicate. Be sure to watch for the monthly calendars and menus, teacher newsletters, and daily/weekly take home folders. Visit our school website at http://cre.sumnerschools.org or join our Facebook page titled CRE ParentInfo. Various communications are sent regularly to inform parents of upcoming events and inclement weather.   

Feel free to contact the school when you have questions or concerns along the way.     


Melissa Robbins, Principal 

Clyde Riggs Elementary School Faculty and Staff      


Statements of Purpose

Vision: It is the vision of Clyde Riggs Elementary School to establish a learning community which empowers all educators and students to reach their greatest potential.     

Mission: It is the mission of Clyde Riggs Elementary School to provide a challenging, educational environment in which all students develop learning skills in order to prepare for college and career readiness.   

  Quality Instruction

  • Students will be the main focus of all we do.   
  • Educators deliver high quality instruction using researched-based best practices which are guided by student performance results.   
  • Educators provide explicit differentiated instruction by engaging students through diverse academic opportunities which create analytical thinkers.  
  • Educators will actively participate and lead purposeful, job-embedded professional learning in order to improve student growth and achievement.  

Collaborative Culture  

  • Educators strategically plan the facilitation of rigorous, content-rich, standards-based lessons with grade level and vertical teams.  
  • Purposeful communication is used to foster a trusting and supportive culture focused on student learning.  
  • Diverse opinions are encouraged by all who are invested in growing our students academically.  


  • Educators, parents, and community members will use the vision as a guide to build a successful school community.   
  • Educators will work as partners with all school community members to share leadership responsibilities.  
  • Leaders will establish and model high expectations and hold themselves and others accountable in order to sustain positive outcomes.  

Resource Utilization   

  • Student academic needs will be met through allocating reliable resources to provide instructional support.   
  • A strong support system will be developed and sustained to retain high quality teachers.  
  • A partnership with community businesses will aid in meeting resource needs for our school goals.    

 Admission Requirements  

 Any student entering school for the first time must present:  

  • An official birth certificate of date of birth at the time of registration; (TCA 49-6-3008(b)). The name used on the records of a student entering school must be the same as that shown on the birth certificate unless evidence is presented that such name has been legally changed through a court as prescribed by law.  
  • Evidence of a current medical examination. (TRR/MS 0520-1-3-.08(2)(a)) There shall be a complete medical examination of every student entering school for the first time. This applies to kindergarten, first grade, and other students for whom there is no health record.  
  • Evidence of state-required immunization. NO child shall be admitted to school without proof of immunization except those who are exempt by statue as provided in TCA 49-6-5001.   
  • If the person enrolling the child, cannot after being given a reasonable amount of time, provide a birth certificate of any sort or documents granting custody, the matter shall be referred to the Attendance Department to ensure that the person presenting the child is in-fact a parent of or legal guardian of the child. No child shall be deprived of an education while such matters are resolved.  

A child must reside in Sumner County with the primary residential custodial parent or residential guardian to attend Sumner County Schools. See policy JBCCA for exceptions. Parents must notify the school principal if the child ceases to reside in Sumner County.  

A photo ID is requested to identify the parent/guardian enrolling a child.  

Two (2) documents establishing proof of residence are required:  

  • Legal document/lease showing proof of residency for specific address (Notary public or typed/handwritten letters from the landowner are not accepted.)  
  • Current invoice/bill (electric, gas, water, landline telephone) assigned to a specific address and the primary custodial parent/guardian. (Cell phone bill is not accepted.)  

Sumner County School District shall allow any physically present student to register and begin classes with the understanding all of the above requirements must be completed and filed with the school within three (3) school days. At the end of the school day on the third (3rd) day, if the required documentation has not been turned into the school administrative office, the Attendance Department will be notified to check for proof of residency. The Attendance Department shall investigate and determine further action based on results.  

School Hours  

7:00 AM – Doors Open and Supervision Begins  

7:00-7:30 AM Breakfast Served  

7:40 AM – School Begins   

After 7:40 AM-Must sign in office for a tardy slip 

2:40 PM – School Dismissal  

3:00 PM – Doors Close - Supervision Ends (All students must be picked up by this time unless they are staying after school for a specific reason while being supervised by a teacher.)    

Arrival and Dismissal 


Our school hours at Clyde Riggs Elementary are 7:40 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. Personnel are assigned to monitor students as they arrive at school in the mornings and as they leave the school building in the afternoon. Students may begin arriving at school at 7:00 a.m. School personnel will not be available to supervise students until then. Buses will use the bus lane in the front of the building for loading and unloading students. Bus riders will enter the building by the Panthers Café entrance.   

All parents who are transporting students by car must enter the campus at the back entrance between 7:00-7:40. Students who are car riders will enter the campus at the back entrance and pull up to the building by the flagpole at the Panthers Café entrance to unload students. Students will then be directed to enter at the Panther’s Café entrance. Parents who have students who wish to go to breakfast between 7:00-7:30 a.m. will enter the campus at the back entrance and pull up to the Panthers Café entrance to unload students. Those students will enter at the Panthers Café entrance to the building. Please do not attempt to enter the campus from the front of the building before 7:40. This is a safety precaution for our students.    

Late Arrival

Tardiness is an unnecessary interruption of class instruction and should be avoided. At 7:40, all entrance doors will be locked for safety reasons. Students who arrive after 7:40 are tardy and must enter through the front door.  The student will be signed in by the attendance clerk or by an office staff member.   

Early Dismissal 

Parents are encouraged to make appointments after the school day when possible. If a parent needs to pick up a student before regular dismissal time at 2:40, please enter the building through the front door to the office area. The student will be signed out through the front office. Please notify the office if someone other than the parent will be signing out the student. The designated person must be listed on your child’s registration card and be ready to show our school personnel proper photo identification. Our school personnel will call the student to the office. Office staff will call a parent or other designated adult to come pick up a student who may become ill during a school day. Any student who is too ill to stay in class must go home.   


Student dismissal arrangements should be made before a student arrives at school. Our students will use their normal mode of transportation in the afternoon unless a note has been sent to the teacher which states the change for that school day. If an emergency occurs and transportation needs to be altered, please call our office before 1:00 p.m. to allow time for changes to be made. Emergency transportation changes need to be limited to three changes per year. Students will be responsible for listening to the announcements to hear any dismissal arrangements.     


Attendance is a key factor in student achievement. A student’s academic progress is dependent upon the regularity of attendance.  It is necessary that regular school attendance be maintained. Parents have a legal obligation and a moral responsibility to assure that children are present every day that school is in session. The Sumner County School Board has adopted rules and regulations based on the Tennessee Compulsory School Attendance Law. A student is considered absent if not present for more than a half day of school which is 3 hours and 16 minutes. Our school day begins at 7:40 and ends at 2:40. Please make every effort to aid your child’s average daily attendance by making appointments after school or on weekends.  It is the parent’s responsibility to send a written note with the student on the day the student returns to school. The note should include the student’s full name, the teacher’s name, date of the absence, and state the reason for the student being absent.   A student who has been absent five days during the school year (not necessarily five consecutive days) without adequate excuse is considered truant. Unexcused absences are those which are not verified or do not meet valid reasons for absences.  

 Progressive Truancy Interventions will be implemented concerning attendance. The following tiers will be followed:  

Tier 1: Prevention—School level interventions with expectations established and communicated; recognitions  

Tier 2: Early Interventions—Initiated at 3 unexcused absences, Parent conference scheduled with the administrator, Attendance Contract completed  

Tier 3:  Additional Resources—Individualized Assessment completed by school personnel; Plus, one of the following interventions:  Individualized Action Plan/Student Improvement Plan, Referral to school counselor, Referral to community-based services, Referral to school nurse, Health Plan created, Referral to Attendance Student Support Counselor  

Tier 4:  Intensive School Site Interventions—Case Management through School Attendance Review Team  

Tier 5:  Referral to Attendance Office—Truancy Officer Intervention via conference or home visit; Parent summoned to Pre-court Diversion Program   

Tier 6:  Legal Intervention—Juvenile Petition Filed  

The following are official excuses that should be turned in to the attendance secretary in the CRE main office:  

  • Medical note for the student (doctor, dentist, hospital, etc.)  
  • Student illness not requiring a doctor visit (five parent notes per semester)  
  • Recognized religious holidays   
  • Required court appearances. Verification of court appearance from appropriate authorities must be provided.  
  • Funeral notice  

The principal may verify absences for the following:  

  • Approved school activity that is school sponsored and school supervised  
  • Extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis  

Parents should contact the school the morning of a student’s absence by phone or teacher note. Also, if your child is absent, please expect a call from the school on that day.   

  Make-up work: The office should be notified by 9:00 a.m. when assignments are being requested for an absence. Assignments requested can then be picked up in the office at the end of the school day.    

Upon the first day of returning to school, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact the teacher regarding make-up work. During the school year, make-up work must be completed within a number of days equal to the number of consecutive days of the absence.   

All out-of-school suspensions are unexcused absences. However, the missed work should be made up for credit and returned to the teacher upon the completion of the out-of-school suspension.  

Attendance Recognition

Students with a record of no absences, tardiness, or early dismissals will be recognized at the end of each nine weeks.  Improved student attendance will be recognized at the end of each nine weeks as well. Cumulative recognition for the year will also be made for these students at the end of the year during the Awards Day Ceremony. This recognition will be based on state guidelines of attendance.  


During the course of the school year, there may be occasions when a parent will need to send money to the school office for various reasons, such as fundraisers, field trips, yearbooks, etc.  When this occurs, please be sure to send the exact amount for the item(s) or event(s). SCS bookkeeping policy does not allow our office personnel to make change.   

Also, if a reimbursement needs to be made for a field trip, library book, etc., please send a note to the office to request the reimbursement. The reimbursement will need to be picked up by the parent.  


Student supplies will be sold in our bookstore every morning beginning at 7:00. Money for the bookstore will need to be placed in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and the word “Bookstore” written on the outside of the envelope.   

Bus Rider Transportation   

Bus transportation is a service provided free of charge and is operated under the direction of the Sumner  

County School System. The bus routes are established by the school system’s transportation department.   

Buses load and unload students at the front entrance of the school building at the Panthers Cafe entrance. The bus lane is designated for buses only while students are loading or unloading. No vehicles should block the bus lanes during morning or afternoon bus times.   

The school bus is an extension of school activity. Therefore, students are expected to conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with the established standards for safety and classroom behavior. Pupils transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of and directly responsible to the operator of the bus. The rights of all students to be transported on a Sumner County school bus are conditional to the student’s behavior. Seats may be assigned by the bus driver as a matter of policy. 

Respectful, responsible, and safe behavior is expected by all students on all buses. The bus driver must be able to watch the road and moving traffic instead of dealing with behavior issues. The following rules and regulations insure the safest and most efficient transportation for our students:    

  • Arrive at the bus stop on time.   
  • Maintain proper conduct while waiting for the bus.  Any problems arising at the bus stop prior to boarding the bus are the responsibility of the parents.  
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the bus.  
  • Obey the driver promptly and respectfully.  
  • Sit facing forward with feet on the floor.  
  • Keep hands, arms, head, and all objects inside the bus and out of the aisle. 
  • Silence is required at railroad crossings per the State of Tennessee guidelines.  
  • Cell phone and/or recording devices are specifically prohibited.  
  • Loud voices and shouting are not permitted.  
  • Vulgar language or gestures are not permitted.  
  • No chewing gum, food, or drinks are allowed on the bus.  
  • No food or drinks are allowed.  
  • Help maintain a clean environment on the bus.  
  • Objects may not be thrown from the bus at any time.  
  • No live animals, toys, balloons, or glass containers will be allowed on the bus.    
  • Horseplay/Violence is prohibited.  
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated.  
  • Remain seated until dismissed.   
  • Follow specific bus driver expectations.  

The bus driver will have control as to what will be allowed on the bus for the safety of all the students.   In the case of disorderly conduct or refusal to submit to the authority of the bus driver, the bus driver is required to submit an incident report to the school administrator.  Improper conduct on the bus could result in bus suspension.  A bus contract will be sent home with all students who ride the bus.  Please sign and return the form by the end of the first week of school.     

If a student needs to ride a different bus or has any other change in transportation, a written parental permission note must be sent to school.  A transportation permission form needs to be completed and approved by the principal. Bus transportation changes cannot be taken over the phone. Students will not be allowed to board the bus without a form. Bus riders should listen closely to the afternoon announcements for bus numbers and possible changes.   

Car Rider Transportation  

All parents who are transporting students by car must enter the campus in the back entrance between 7:00-7:40. Car riders should not be dropped off at the front entrance before 7:40. This is a safety precaution for our students.  Students who are car riders will enter the building at the Panthers Café entrance. (By the flagpole). Parents who have students who wish to go to breakfast between 7:00-7:30 a.m. will enter the campus at the back entrance and unload students at the Panthers Café entrance. Those students will enter at the Panthers Cafe entrance to the building. All students who arrive to school after 7:40 will be tardy and should be signed in through the front office by a parent.  

At dismissal, students who are transported home each day by car will leave the building through the side cafeteria exit. Students will follow the directions of the school personnel who assist in the safe loading of our students. All parents must drive safely through the loading zone to pick up students. Personnel will supervise the loading and unloading of the car riders. Car riders will be given student name tags to display so our personnel may identify the parents of our students. CAR TAGS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL CAR RIDERS. If you misplace your car tag, report to the office to be issued a new one. Identification will be required.  Please follow the guidelines on the attached school map for arrival and dismissal for car riders.  

  Cell Phones/Electronic Devices  

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted unless special permission has been approved by the principal.  If such unauthorized devices are seen or heard, they will be confiscated and returned only to the parent or guardian.  

Board Policy CR  

Code of Behavior and Discipline  

The Clyde Riggs Elementary faculty and staff are committed to ensuring each student becomes the best person he or she can be. We consistently encourage each student to reach his/her full potential academically, socially, and emotionally. It is vital that our students develop self-discipline and learn to make appropriate choices in order to function within the established guidelines of our school and society. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is conducive and safe for learning to occur.  Acceptable behavior by our students is expected at all times.  We encourage respect towards others, being responsible for actions, and being safe. We enlist your support as the parent/guardian in helping your child understand the importance of these character traits and being committed to exhibiting these traits.  

We have developed a school-wide behavior plan which integrates positive behavior supports. We have established school-wide expectations for all our students.  We expect our students to exhibit the following behaviors:    

  • Come prepared to learn.  
  • Respect all teachers, staff, and students.  
  • Exhibit responsibility.  
  • Safety first always.    

We use positive rewards and incentives for appropriate behavior. Consequences have also been established for students who choose not to follow behavioral expectations.  A description of our behavior plan will be distributed to each student the first day of school. Each teacher will review the plan and practice procedures and routines so that each student will be fully aware of our expectations.  

We also ask that you discuss the plan at home with your child. Then, you and your child should sign the behavior plan signature page and return the form to school the first week of school. Related Arts teachers also have a behavior plan.  Please make sure to sign and return it to school by the end of the second week of school. 



The administration and faculty at Clyde Riggs Elementary encourage open communication with our school families. We want to keep you informed of your child’s academic progress as well as upcoming school events. In order to do so, we use numerous modes of communication tools. Teachers and parents can communicate easily through the Remind App. Also, our CRE website is an excellent source of information. Teacher and administrator webpages are available on our website as well as email information. Please visit our school website at http://cre.sumnerschools.orgregularly. We utilize the School Messenger Skylert system to relay important messages via phone or text messages. We also post pertinent information on our CREParentInfo Facebook page and use the Remind App to send out information from the classroom. Monthly calendars and menus are sent home as well as classroom weekly newsletters. Parent conferences, phone calls, email, virtual meetings, and notes are also a valuable source of communication. Each student’s assignment book serves as a valuable communication tool and should be checked by parents daily for information. The CRE Communicator is located in the front lobby by the office. 

Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying & Retaliation  

It is the Sumner County School Board policy that all students and employees shall not be subjected to unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying, or retaliation.  We are committed to safeguarding the rights of all students and employees within the school system, on school campuses, at school events, and on school buses to learn and work in an environment that is free from all forms of discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment, and bullying. Discrimination, harassment, bullying, or retaliation occurring in the school system and workplace or in connection with student activities or work in violation of this policy is counterproductive to the Sumner County School System and will not be tolerated. (Board Policy CD)   

Dress Code  

The Sumner County School System has designated a dress code for students to follow. This dress code is established in order to promote an environment which is conducive to instruction and maintains safety for our students.  Extreme attire which interrupts or distracts from the educational process or causes embarrassment to the student or others is inappropriate and will not be tolerated.  The school administrator has the authority to decide if the clothing and method of dress are appropriate. Parents need to monitor what children are wearing to school. Parents of children who are not dressed according to the following guidelines will be contacted to bring a change of clothing to school.   The following dress code will be followed during school hours:  

Students shall dress and groom in a neat and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school. 

More specific guidelines appropriate for each level of school (elementary, middle, and senior high) may be developed.  Principals, faculty members and students shall be involved in the development of each appropriate set of guidelines.  

When a student is attired in a manner which is likely to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school, the principal shall take appropriate action, which may include suspension. 

Tennessee law prohibits wearing, while on the grounds of a public school during the regular school day, clothing that exposes underwear.  Tennessee law also prohibits exposing body parts in an indecent manner that disrupts the learning environment.  JCBG Board Policy 

Please make sure your child follows the guidelines listed in the board policy above.  Also, student should adhere to the following.  Students should not wear:  

  • Suggestive slogans, pictures, or advertisements for tobacco or alcoholic beverages on clothes   
  • Caps, hats 
  • Strapless dresses or blouses  
  • Spaghetti strap dresses or tops  
  • Bare midriff, halters, or tank tops  
  • Flip-flops  
  • Backless shoes  
  • Clothing related to gangs    

In addition:    

  • For K-2 students, dresses, skirts, and shorts must extend below the longest fingertips when the student is standing.  
  • Leggings and tights are considered undergarments and must be worn with an appropriate length top or dress.  
  • Tennis/gym shoes are required for PE and are preferred for everyday wear for recess.  
  • Sleeveless blouses or shirts under arm opening should not be large enough to show chest area.  
  • All sweaters, jackets, coats need to be labeled with the child’s name.  

Drug and Alcohol Policy  

Students will not use, possess, distribute, or be under the influence of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcoholic beverages in school buildings or on school grounds, in school buses, or at any school-sponsored activity at any time.  If it is determined that a student is in possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia designed for the use of drugs or any student is suspected to be under the influence of drugs, the school administrator will notify the parent of the student. If necessary, local law enforcement officials will also be notified. The student shall be subject to suspension for such policy violation.  

Any student who shares, sells, furnishes, or barters any type of illegal drug or any student who possesses illegal drugs shall be suspended and referred to the Sumner County Board of Education for appropriate action.  

The Board of Education, as well as the Administrative and Instructional staffs of Sumner County Schools, intend to deal firmly with drug offenders. Drugs have no place on the school campus. (Board Policy JCBD)  

Emergency Procedures  

CRE Emergency Operations Plan  

Our faculty and staff will follow the guidelines and procedures for all safety drills as outlined by the state and district. The procedures for our building are stated in the CRE Emergency Operations Plan and will be implemented immediately in the event of an emergency. Required safety drills are conducted throughout the school year. All safety drills will be announced to teachers, students and parents prior to the drill.  

Field Trips  

Field trips will be such as to enhance our academic program. Classes will be allowed to take one field trip per year per Sumner County policy unless otherwise approved.  All class field trips must be taken within the state of Tennessee unless approval is obtained from the district.  For students to travel on these trips, a permission slip must be signed by a parent and returned to school. Students are to observe the same standard of conduct and dress on field trips as they would in the classroom. All students will be required to ride the bus to and from their destination. No students will be allowed to ride in a private vehicle with their parent. Usually one adult chaperone per ten students is recommended. Chaperones will need to have their full attention supervising our students, so we do not allow preschool children (or children not assigned to the class) to attend field trips. Parent chaperones will need to provide their own transportation.  

Students with discipline problems will not be allowed to attend field trips.  Parents will be notified in advance if their child is in danger of not attending a field trip based on their behavior.  


Clyde Riggs Elementary will conduct two school-wide fundraisers during the school year. Fundraisers are needed to help offset the costs of our educational program which are not covered by educational funding.    

All money raised will be spent to enhance the educational experience at Clyde Riggs Elementary.  

Students and parents are strongly encouraged to participate in each fundraiser.    

Grading and Homework Policy   

The purpose of grades is to provide consistent and meaningful feedback concerning a student’s academic achievement and progress toward expected learning outcomes. Grades will also provide guidance to teachers for quality instructional planning.   

Homework is assigned to reinforce concepts students learn in the classroom such as reading and math facts.   

The following best practices will support this purpose:  

  1. Graded Items Policy  

           Students will earn grades on assignments and assessments which have been completed             independently and are intended to assess and advance mastery of standards. Assignments             which are made for the purpose of practice will be evaluated by the teacher, but they will             not earn a formal grade.    

  1. Homework Policy  

      Homework should support the attainment of learning goals. Homework is assigned in order to reinforce standards taught in the classroom and to provide intentional independent practice. Classwork that is not finished during the school day may be added to assigned homework.  Students should use their time wisely to complete assigned work in class.    

  1. Late Work Policy  

     Late work will be accepted for credit. A loss of privileges will occur as a consequence in order to reinforce the importance of being responsible.     

  1. Re-Do Policy  

     The teacher may offer a student the opportunity to re-do an assignment in order to reflect      an accurate assessment of the student’s knowledge of a standard. The number of re-do opportunities will be left to the discretion of the classroom teacher.    

Guidelines for parents:  

Parents can support a child’s interest in lifelong learning by encouraging good study habits, providing a learning environment in the home, and using the Parent online system to stay up to date with your child’s academic performance.  

  • Provide a quiet, well-lighted place for the student to do homework.  
  • Help your child budget time so that a regular schedule for study is set.  
  • Take an active interest in what your child is doing at school.  Ask for an explanation of a particular assignment and what is being learned.  Compliment good work or when improvement is made.  
  • A positive attitude by parents will encourage the student to do the best work possible.  
  • Provide needed supplies for completing homework assignments. (i.e. paper, pencils, crayons, etc.)  
  • Consult your child’s teacher if questions arise.  

Guidelines for students:  

  • Neatly write your assignments in your assignment book for reference.  
  • Be sure you understand the assignments or ask your teacher if you need help.  
  • Set aside a regular time for homework.  
  • Study in a quiet place.  
  • Complete your work in a timely manner.  
  • Do your very best on each homework assignment.    

Grading System  

Grades serve to promote continuous evaluation of student progress toward expected learning outcomes and to inform both the student and the parent of such progress. Grades also provide a basis for bringing about change in student performance, if change should be necessary. Grades given during each nine weeks period will be determined by the designated teacher who assigns such work. School conduct shall also be indicated.    

Grade Reports will be distributed to the parents of students each nine weeks of each semester.  Progress reports will be provided to parents at the midpoint of each 9-week reporting period.   

Parents will have access to the Skyward online system. Parents will be able to access discipline, attendance, and connect with the teacher through email.  In order to access your child’s information, use the individual login information provided when your child enrolled this year.  If you do not remember your login or password, please contact the school office. 

Kindergarten through third grade will implement standards-based grading. Learning will be communicated to families on the standards-based report cards utilizing the numbers 3, 2, and 1 with corresponding meaning as follows:  

  • 3 On-Track/Mastery. The student has met the grade level standards for this quarter.  
  • 2 Approaching. The student is making acceptable progress meeting the grade level standard but needs additional support for this quarter.  
  • 1 Below Grade Level. The student needs extensive support at school and at home to meet grade level standards for this quarter  

Fourth and fifth grades will use the basic grading system for subject area grades expressed by the letters "A", "B", "C", "D," and "F", with corresponding numerical values as follows:  

A 93-100                                                                                                                    B 85–92 
C 75-84 
D 70-74 
F Below 70  

Illness and Medications  

During the year, students may come into contact with any of several infectious illnesses.  Because of this, it is important that children with communicable diseases are kept home until they are well enough to return to and function adequately in school.  This practice also reduces the danger of spreading diseases on an epidemic proportion among the school population.  


The following are some guidelines you may use when deciding whether to keep your child home or to send him to school. The school staff and school nurse will use these guidelines when determining whether your child should be sent home from school. If you are unsure, call your child’s healthcare provider.    


Fever is generally defined as a core body temperature of 100.4 F or greater (not 104.). A reading of 100 F or more with any thermometer is a fever.    

Your child should be without fever for a full 24 hours without fever-reducing medication, before returning to school.  This is because sick children often do not develop fever until the afternoon or evening.  If your child has fever, do not give a fever-reducing medication (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) then send him to school.    


If your child vomits in the morning, observe him for at least 1 hour before sending him to school.  If he has no further episodes and is able to eat a light meal, he may go to school.  If he has a second episode, keep him home. Your child should be free from vomiting episodes for a full 24 hours prior to returning to school.  


A child with one episode of mild diarrhea may be able to go to school, but if he needs to go to the toilet more frequently than usual due to loose stools, he should stay home.  Vomiting and diarrheal illnesses are extremely contagious, so make sure he washes his hands with soap and water after toileting and before eating. Your child should be free from diarrheal episodes for a full 24 hours prior to returning to school.    




NEVER SEND MEDICINE OF ANY TYPE TO SCHOOL BY YOUR CHILD. Only medications required to maintain student’s attendance will be given (no supplements, vitamins, etc.). All students must have prescription and non-prescription forms* completed before the school can administer medication to the student. Over the counter/non-prescription medications will be given according to package directions only unless accompanied by a physician’s order with different instructions. All prescription medications require physician and parent signature. The pharmacy bottle label MUST match the physician’s written order. Non-prescription medications require a parent’s signature and MUST be sent in a sealed, unopened bottle. No Ziploc baggies, unlabeled bottles, or expired medications will be accepted.    

*All medication forms can be found online at sumnerschools.org (bottom homepage under parent/student forms) OR obtained from your school.    

  • Morning medications should be given at home. This includes over-the-counter medications, such as Advil & Tylenol.  
  • Antibiotics ordered less than 4 times a day will not be given during school hours.  
  • Narcotics will not be given during school hours.  
  • A new medication form must be completed each school year. This includes insulin and emergency medication orders.  
  • Medication guidelines for Sumner County Schools does not allow aspirin or products containing aspirin to be given without a doctor’s order (BC Powder, Pamprin, Excedrin Migraine, Bayer Aspirin, Midol, Goody’s Powder, Pepto-Bismol, etc.). If you are not certain if a product contains aspirin, please check the list of active ingredients for “salicylate” or “salicylic acid” or consult your pharmacist.   
  • Any changes in medication must be accompanied by a new form with the changes noted and signed by the physician.   
  • All unused medication will only be returned to the parent/guardian/parent’s adult designee. If medication is not picked up within two weeks of the request being made, the medication will be discarded. No medication will be stored over the summer; medications left at the end of the school year will be discarded before the summer break begins.   

Inclement Weather  

If adverse weather conditions exist before school begins and/or the Director of Schools decides the weather to be of such a nature that the safety of the students is threatened, schools will be closed.  In some instances, the weather may be such that the Director of Schools and the Transportation Director decide to open schools on a two-hour delay. If that situation arises, CRE would begin school two hours later. Our school day start time would be delayed from 7:40 until 9:40. Supervision of students would begin at 9:00. Breakfast will be cancelled on delayed days.   

School will not be dismissed because of weather conditions that arise during the school day as long as it is feasible for students and staff to remain safely at school. Students will   follow instructions set by their parent or guardian in the Early Dismissal information filed on the student’s Early Dismissal form. It is extremely important to keep the information on the registration card up-to-date! The staff will not be able to call home at time of dismissal.    

The district’s School Messenger system Skylert will notify parents concerning the closing of schools. Be sure you have submitted your current phone numbers to the school district to be entered in the system in order to receive messages. Also, the Director of Schools will notify radio and TV stations to have a school-closing announcement broadcast.      

Outside Recess  

Students at Clyde Riggs Elementary will be going outside daily for recess breaks if the weather permits.  Children should have appropriate clothing at school to provide warmth for recess breaks. Students are encouraged to wear tennis shoes daily for recess participation. Students who need to occasionally stay inside due to health reasons must bring a note from a parent stating the need.  Students who request to remain inside for extended periods must have a doctor's permit.   

Panther Pals   

Clyde Riggs Elementary offers the Panther Pals after school care program for our students.  Information and a handbook for this program may be obtained in our school office.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences   

District-scheduled parent-teacher conference days will be held to facilitate communication between the school and home.  Additional conferences may be arranged when requested by either parent or teacher.  Teachers would like to meet with all parents at conference time.    

Parent-Teacher Organization   

The PTO offers you the opportunity to work more closely with your child’s teachers, principal, and school officials to provide the best possible education for your child. Our organization holds scheduled monthly meetings throughout the school year.  Your involvement is an important factor in the strength of the PTO and our school. We encourage your participation in our school events and welcome your feedback and suggestions.  With your involvement, the PTO can help make our school and district a success. 


According to School Board Policy, there may be three parties conducted at the elementary level during the school year. Dates and times for our designated parties will be communicated through monthly CRE newsletters plus communication from the classroom teachers. The parties may include appropriate games and food.  

Birthdays are another special occasion for our students. Individual students will be recognized during the morning announcements on their birthday. Parents may bring small treats for the child to pass out to classmates toward the end of the class lunch period. Parents are also invited to come eat lunch with their child on that special day. Please notify your child’s teacher if you plan to bring treats so that our Panthers Cafe staff will also be aware.  

Related Arts  


The fundamental purpose of the art program is to introduce the children to the elements and principles of Art, which include line, varied shapes, value (dark and light), pattern, and color. Students will also make connections to other subjects across the curriculum. Students will experience various media in the production of art, such as: clay, tooling foil, as well as oil and chalk pastel. Students will be encouraged to draw based on personal experiences and observations. Imaginative expression will be praised as well.   

Media Center  

The vision of the Media Center Related Arts instructional block is to maximize achievement and success for all students in a climate that fosters personal responsibility, values learning, and promotes a love of literature.  

Our mission is to support lifelong learning by anticipating and responding to the needs of students and staff for information, to encourage a desire to read, and to enrich the quality of life in the school community.  

Our goals are:  

  • To implement, enrich, and support the curriculum, as determined by the state of Tennessee.  
  • To encourage all students to read for enrichment and recreation.  
  • To refine and improve research methods and skills.  
  • To foster teacher collaboration.  
  • To provide print and non-print materials to meet the varied interest and needs of all members of the school community.  

Our CRE Media Center supports and abides by the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.   


In our music program, the students will develop an enjoyment of music, awareness, and appreciation of a variety of music.  Insights into music through meaningful musical activities, self-expression, creativity, musical skills, and knowledge are a focus of the program.  Students are introduced, instructed, and actively engaged in basic music processes that will allow them to understand and enjoy music throughout their lifetime.  

Physical Education  

All students at Clyde Riggs Elementary will receive instruction in physical education. Instruction in Physical Education classes will follow Tennessee state standards and guidelines. Students will be taught a variety of exercises, sports, games, movement skills, dance, gymnastics, and much more. Healthy eating, safety awareness, and positive character-building skills are also taught.  The major goal of this program is to encourage students to live a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as affect positive changes in which students grow mentally, physically, and develop appropriate character traits. Students are encouraged to exercise at home and have family exercise times.  

Students will compose SMART goals in class and will track their progress for a variety of skills.  All children are expected to participate. A doctor's permit explaining restrictions will be necessary if requesting extended periods of inactivity.  

All students are required to wear tennis shoes in order to participate.  Please avoid tennis shoes with black soles as they leave marks on the gym floor.  Rubber-soled hiking boots are not considered tennis shoes.  No cleats will be permitted.  

  Response to Instruction and Intervention 2 (RTI2)  

The Response to Instruction and Intervention 2 (RTI2) model is a multiple-tiered instructional approach in ELA and Math in order to meet the needs of all our students. This designated time is known as WIN (What I Need).  Students will be participating in instructional groups according to individual learning styles and needs. Classroom teachers and interventionists will provide intentional instruction based on instructional data. A RTI2 team will analyze student progress regularly in order to make any necessary instructional changes.  

Restricted Items  

  • Personal electronic devices and cell phones usage must adhere to district and school guidelines.  
  • Toys, fidget spinners, trinkets, pets and any other similar items should not be brought to school.  Trading cards of any type (baseball, football, basketball, etc.) are not to be brought to school.  These items will be taken up from the student and kept in the office until the end of the school year and then returned to the parent/guardian.  
  • Chewing gum is not allowed at school.   
  • Valuable jewelry /items and extra money are to be left at home.  Neither the school nor the teachers will be responsible for lost or stolen items.  
  • See the Weapons and Dangerous Instruments section for additional info.    

School Nutrition Program  

Our School Nutrition program offers many healthy and helpful benefits for our students. Students can enjoy nutritious hot meals for breakfast and lunch daily. For the 2021-2022 school year, students enrolled at CRE will not incur a cost for breakfast or lunch. The cafeteria uses a computer accounting system to track the activity for each child’s account.  You may check your child’s account online using the Meal PayPlus website athttp://www.mealpayplus.com. You will need your child’s seven digit ID# to access the account.  Students may pay on a daily basis or a deposit may be made into the child’s account for electronic payment for special sales (i.e. ice cream, cookie, fruit slushes, etc.). Any amount may be prepaid, and it will be deducted as the student comes through the serving line.  It may take up to 2 hours for deposits to appear on the school account.   

This year at CRE we encourage you to use the online format when adding money to your child’s account.   If you do not have access to the online format, please place money in an envelope with the child’s name, teacher’s name, the total amount included in the envelope, and how the money should be divided between the accounts. The Panthers Café staff cannot make refunds from accounts.  

Due to federal laws governing school lunch programs, food brought in from local restaurants is prohibited.  Federal Regulations also prohibit carbonated drinks being brought into the cafeteria during lunch.  A fruit drink is acceptable.  

A current list of meal and special items prices will be distributed to students at the beginning of school. The following information outlines some details in regard to operation:   

  • The process works like a bank account system.  
  • If a student has money on account, it can be used for hot lunch or breakfast.   
  • An a la carte account is separate from the Breakfast/Lunch account if parents’ request.  
  • Notices will be sent when the account money runs low or is depleted.    
  • Checks should be made payable to Clyde Riggs Elementary Cafeteria.  
  • Students will not be allowed to purchase a la carte items such as ice cream if they have outstanding charges. A la carte items may not be charged.  

Fee waivers forms may be accessed online through our school website.  Forms may be requested by calling the school and asking for the Panthers Cafe. Please return those forms to the Panthers Cafe manager when completed.    

Cafeteria Guidelines for Students:  

  • Line up in alphabetical order both entering the cafeteria serving line and in the class dismissal line.  
  • Stand quietly in line and keep hands to yourself.  
  • Obtain everything you need as you go through the line.  
  • Walk to your table and be seated with your feet on the floor.  
  • Raise your hand if you need assistance. Do not get up from the table without permission.  
  • Speak in a normal conversational voice.  
  • Keep your hands to yourself.  
  • Do not share food with others.  
  • Remain seated until you have been dismissed from your table.  
  • Leave your table in a clean and tidy manner.  
  • Show consideration to others.   

School Counseling Program  

The School Counseling Program at CRE plays a critical role in identifying knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences that students need to acquire in order to achieve academic success and emotional development leading to college and career readiness. Working as an advocate for all our students, the school counselor develops plans for classroom lessons focusing on social and emotional wellness by using feedback from faculty, students, and parents. The school counselor will meet with classes throughout the year to promote character education and discuss other important topics. Small groups sessions will be based on the current needs of students and will meet on a regular basis with the counselor. Students who self-refer or are referred by an administrator, teacher, or parent will also meet with the school counselor for individual counseling sessions.  

Section 504   

It is the policy of Sumner County School District to provide a free and appropriate public education to each student within its jurisdiction, including students with disabilities, regardless of the nature or severity of the disability. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, commonly referred to as Section 504, is a federal nondiscrimination statute. The purpose of the Act is to prohibit discrimination and to assure that disabled students have educational opportunities and benefits equal to those provided to nondisabled students. The enabling regulations for Section 504 at 34 CFR Part 104, entitle students to the specified rights. A document which outlines the student rights is available on the SCS and CRE websites and can also be requested from our school office.   

SMART Goals  

Strategic Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely  

We believe that goal setting is an important and effective strategy for positive academic and behavior results. Teachers will conference with students and establish Reading, Math, and/or behavior goals throughout the year. Goals will be recorded on color-coded goal sheets and will be posted in the classroom. When the goal is achieved, the student and the sheet will be sent to the office for a positive accolade.  The goal sheet will be signed by the office and a note of positive affirmation will be given.  The office will also announce that the student or classroom met their goal.   

Special Programs at CRE  

Art Club  

4th and 5th grade Chorus  

Music Club  

Panther Paws Club  

Reading and Robotics Club  


Content area textbooks will be provided by the district and distributed to students for their use during the school year. Students are responsible for all textbooks which were issued to them. New textbooks are identified and tracked with a Sumner County Schools barcode. These barcodes must not be removed from the textbooks.  All textbooks are inventoried at the end of the school year. If textbooks are lost or abused, students will be responsible for paying for the textbook. 

Tobacco-Free Schools  

Tobacco or tobacco products in any form are not to be used by anyone while on school premises, while attending or participating in a school-sponsored event, while on school buses to and from school, or on school buses to and from school-sponsored events.   

Visitors or Volunteers  

The Sumner County School Board encourages parents and other citizens of the community to visit schools for the purpose of keeping informed of school programs and services, and also for the purpose of showing support for school activities. Students, however, may not bring visitors on campus during a school day without approval by the school administrator.  For security reasons, we require all visitors and volunteers to report to the school office when entering the school and log in using Lobby Guard. Visitors and volunteers will be issued a badge to wear while at our school.   We will be happy to accommodate classroom visits through scheduled times. 

When visiting CRE, please adhere to appropriate attire for school. Also, all cell phones should be turned off while in our building.    

Weapons and Dangerous Instruments  

Students shall not possess, handle, transmit, use or attempt to use any dangerous weapon in school buildings or on school grounds at any time, or in school vehicles and/or buses or off the school grounds at a school-sponsored activity, function or event. 1   

Dangerous weapons for the purposes of this policy shall include but are not limited to a firearm or anything manifestly designed, made or adapted for the purpose of inflicting death or serious bodily injury or anything that in the manner of its use or intended use is capable of causing death or serious bodily injury. 2     

"Expelled" for the purposes of this policy means removed from the pupil's regular school program at the location where the violation occurred or removed from school attendance altogether, as determined by Disciplinary Hearing Authority. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the assignment of such students to an alternative school.     

Any student found to have brought a weapon to school or is found in possession of a weapon on school property shall be immediately removed from the general student population at the principal’s discretion and referred to Disciplinary Hearing Authority for disposition as determined by the committee.      

In order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment, the following offenses will not be tolerated:     

  • In accordance with state law, any student who brings or possess a firearm on school property shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The Director of Schools shall have the authority to modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis. 
  • In accordance with state and federal law, any student who unlawfully possesses/distributes or is under the influence of any drug including any controlled substance, legend drug or prescription drug shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The Director of Schools shall have the authority to modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis.    
  • In accordance with state law, any student who commits aggravated assault, as defined in T.C.A 39-13-102, upon any teacher, principal administrator, any other employee of the school or school resource officer shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The Director of Schools shall have the authority to modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis.     
  • Any student who commits vandalism of school property which results in the student being criminally charged with vandalism over $500 pursuant to T.C.A. § 39-14-408 shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The Director of Schools shall have the authority to modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by case basis.5    
  • Any student who makes a threat of violence, whether written or verbal, which creates actual disruptive activity at the school that requires administrative intervention may be suspended and/or expelled as determined by the principal.  Students may be suspended and/or expelled for a time commensurate with age, maturity level, and intent as determined by the principal or other authorities. Depending on the circumstances, the principal may refer a student who make a threat of violence to the disciplinary hearing authority for disposition as determined by the committee.      
  • In accordance with state law, any student who transmits by an electronic device any communication containing a credible threat to cause bodily injury or death to another student or school employee and the transmission of such threat creates actual disruptive activity at the school that requires administrative intervention shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The Director of Schools shall have the authority to modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by case basis.6     
  • Toy weapons or facsimiles will not be permitted on school grounds.  Students who possess toy weapons or facsimiles of weapons including water guns may be suspended as determined by the principal.  Students may be suspended for a time commensurate with age, maturity level, and intent as determined by the principal. Depending on the circumstances, the principal may refer a student possessing a toy weapon or facsimile to the disciplinary hearing authority for disposition as determined by the committee. 


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Our Mission

It is the mission of Clyde Riggs Elementary to provide a challenging, educational environment in which all students develop learning skills in order to prepare for college and career readiness.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Clyde Riggs Elementary to establish a learning community which empowers all educators and students to reach their greatest potential.